Working together to support students' mental well-being

HCA Healthcare supports students, helping them build, maintain and promote positive mental health. Part of that support includes the parents, guardians, and mentors who are there every day. Supporting students means creating an ecosystem that will help to support them.


"I am not alone, there are people here for me. I also learned how to be there for others and how to notice when something is going on and learn a lot of other amazing stuff. I really learned a lot in this course.

–Understanding Mental Wellness Student Participant, Missouri



The resources below are pulled directly from the lessons students have learned in Understanding Mental Wellness. By equipping the people in students lives we can move past "I'm fine" and move towards a place that is open, safe, and nurturing to the students in our lives.

Curriculum Guide


Lesson Plan


"This was a super stressful school year and the
students need to understand the importance of
mental health.”

–Understanding Mental Wellness Teacher, Texas