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Deepening HCA Healthcare’s commitment to championing positive mental wellness, we’re proud of our strategic partnership with EVERFI to provide the Understanding Mental Wellness course to middle and high school students across all of HCA Healthcare’s 15 U.S. divisions. The program aims to help educators foster mental well-being in their classrooms and equip students with lifelong mental wellness skills. With HCA Healthcare’s support, the Understanding Mental Wellness course has reached over 195,000 students at 1000+ schools.

While Mental Health Awareness Month takes place in May, mental wellness is important all year round! Learn more about why mental health matters to HCA and other EVERFI partners.

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Understanding Mental Wellness is a digital resource that introduces middle and high school students to mental health education. Stigma associated with mental health can have a serious and negative impact on help-seeking behavior. Many mental health conditions and symptoms can be significantly lessened through prevention.

Emphasizing the importance of mental health education in schools leads to less stigma and improves the overall mental health of students. The mental wellness activities and lessons in this digital course focus on:

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Supporting students in identifying threats to mental health early, and taking measures to increase factors that protect mental health.

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Introducing students to the experiences of others to build awareness and empathy, reduce stigma and provide facts about the symptoms and prevalence of mental health conditions.

Item 3

Fostering a positive mental health mindset to help students be resilient and develop skills
that promote and model advocacy for self and others.

Student testimonial

"This course provided me with not only new knowledge on how to take care of my mental health better, but methods I can utilize to make my mental health better."

–Understanding Mental Wellness Student Participant, Texas

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HCA Healthcare is proud to offer this complimentary resource for middle and high school students
across the country. See the map below to see if the course is available in your county.