We work to support students' wellbeing

HCA Healthcare aims to provide educators and students with the knowledge and skills
necessary to build, maintain and promote positive mental health.

"The course was super helpful and gave me a better light into mental health. The coping strategies section was my favorite because it gave me real examples of how I can cope in certain situations.”

–Understanding Mental Wellness Student Participant, Idaho

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Mindfulness Information

Use this video, led by Fawn Colburn, licensed therapist and outpatient clinician with HCA Healthcare, with your students and encourage them to center themselves, reboot, restore and practice mindfulness throughout the school year. We encourage students to revisit this video often. Don’t forget to have your students check out Lesson 3 of Understanding Mental Wellness.

Don't have time to watch the whole video? Do you only want to focus on one type of meditative practice?

Check out snippets here:

Phase 1: Reboot Meditation

Color Scan

Phase 1: Reboot Meditation

Body Scan

Phase 1: Reboot Meditation

Doodle Breathing

Phase 2: Restorative Practices

Practicing Mindfulness, Common Humanity & Kindness

"This was a super stressful school year and the
students need to understand the importance of
mental health.”

–Understanding Mental Wellness Teacher, Texas

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